Thursday, April 14, 2011

The glass is half full!

Er, I mean the stairs are half painted!!  I am painting another coat over the first one today and then hopefully they will be totally done by Saturday!

I am so excited, they look spectacular :)  I have also decided to paint all the trim in the house white, it will look so much cleaner and crisp when this gets done.  Notice I said when.....  I am going to start priming them hopefully today (not all of it, just the dining room)  The dining room is getting repainted to match the living room and since it doesn't matter if I get primer and paint on the old wall paint, I can just go to town.

However, because I have already painted: the living room, the master bathroom, and the master bedroom, I am going to have to be careful doing the trim.  In steps my ingenuous mom, she said just take the trim off label it with numbers and paint it with a roller!

Awe to the Some!!  So, I will be recruiting her for said task and also to paint the vaulted stair well.  I am super scared of heights and am not EVER going to get on the ladder to paint it!  Unfortunately, this may not happen for a while.  This weekend she is babysitting my super cute nephews on Friday and Saturday.  Not thinking she wants to do it on Sunday--probably that's a grandma recoup day!  Then next weekend is Easter. However, she does have some days off from work and weather permitting, I bet she'll go for it :) 
Love you mom!

Since, I will be painting the stairs and fixing my office area (I put together the vintage table of my mother-in-laws for our desk!) I am not ready to :( 

Just realized I have been writing and no pictures, nobody reads blogs for the content..jk, so here are some inspirational pics!

I got a new entertainment center-actually it's a dresser, but I love it! I used the paint tool to draw some inspirational decorating on it (I just learned how to use paint on top of a photo-LOVE!)

Like the wonky lamps?  :)

Please note: the bottom drawers were being glued, but I couldn't wait to take a pic of it.  They are now in place!

I fake painted the trim white with the paint tool too!  I am thinking I like the black and white curtains!
Like these amazing curtains:
The Yellow Cape Cod
Decor Pad

Also for curtain inspiration is how, Michael over at Inspired by Charm did his curtains.

I love this idea!  He is a creative genius! 

I am painting my curtains, like Meredith over at Welcome to Heardmont did with her shower curtain!

Off to paint my stairs!

-Make your life beautiful!


  1. Kari,

    Can't wait to see the finished space! Sounds like you have a bit of work ahead.

  2. Yes, I like the black and white curtains best too. Can't wait to see everything finished!!

  3. What a great way to hang curtains!

  4. Fabulous idea maybe I can use it!?I love your header as well. I will be back to visit. Im your newest follower feel free to stop by and vist me and follow if you so desire.


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