Friday, April 15, 2011

I am a FAN of fans! But, I love chandeliers too...what to do?

Morgan and Hayley's rooms are upstairs and it is really warm all year round.  Since that's okay in the winter, I haven't worried about it up to now.  However, summer is creapin up on us and I am a huge celebrator of warmer weather (I get my projects done when it's nice out!)  It has been really nice outside, but the girls' rooms have been a little warm.  They have old fashioned barn lights that look like this:

Morgan's is red and Hayley's is blue.  I love the style of this light and plan to repurpose these on the sunporch or somewhere in the house, I'll get back to you on that! 

For replacement, I really wanted to put up a grand bright colored chandelier like these:
Vintage Revival amazing chandie makeover!!
via HGTV

pink chandelier 
I also love the capiz chandeliers:

West Elm
I have seen/read about some clever bloggers that have made these out of wax paper and patiently glued/ironed/sewed them together.  I have 7 month old baby-I don't have time to do this.  Who am I kidding?  I have decorating ADD and probably couldn't sit still long enough for this to get done, even if I didn't have any kids-I have so many projects going right now anyway!

My current projects: I am working on all of these right now in some stage or another!
Living room:
1.  New entertainment center
2. Painting the trim white
3. Finishing the office area  
4. Puttying some drywall

1. Cabinet issues
2. Painting the trim white
3. Repainting the walls
4. Chalkboard doors- wait I finished that one-nope they need handles! CRAP!
5. The giant mess that is the floor-pulled up the carpet to reveal glue and foam!

Dining room:
1. painting trim white 
2. repainting the walls
3. the floor issue
4. the pallet wall

Front bathroom:
1. tile the floor
2. replace the toilet
3. replace the vanity
4. hang the mirror I repainted
5. Scrape the paint off the mirror I got on it!
6. hand the towel hooks

There is actually more........ a lot more!
OH EM GEE!!  There I go again with the ADD!! Back to the fan issue in the girls' rooms. Sorry!

 However, the girls need a ceiling fan.  Mr. TSL wouldn't go for this :

I wouldn't either, but I thought it was super funny!  I love the label in the middle that says ceiling fan-just in case you were wondering!

What about a compromise?!?  A combo of a fan and a chandelier?
hahaha. they have vaulted ceilings this could work-Please tell me you can tell I am being sarcastic?  Can you?  I am-being sarcastic!  This looks like an electrical fire waiting to happen!  Not to mention it's just dumb!

I would call this the fandelier!  So, I typed in fandelier into google and it pulled up one of my new blogs I stalk LURVE !  House Tweaking!!

She dubbed hers a fandelier too! But hers is BA (that's bad ass, for you non-potty mouthers) !

I can do this!  I am going to paint the girls' white though!  We already have fans with no lights so I am purchasing the light kits and I got 2 capiz shell hangings for $20 each from the World Market-I bought online because ours is like an hour away! 

Yes, this is another project I started!  Don't judge me! Hello, my name is "Kari and I have decorating ADD."  This is where you say, "Hello Kari-it's okay do what ever you want!"  You think you feel bad reading about Mr. TSL lives with it!!

-Make your life beautiful!


  1. HAHA!those pictures crack me up.
    Don't worry there are lots of us with Decorating ADD.
    As I said the other day in one of my posts I currently have 4 projects going ( not written out like yours, that would just hurt my heart) and that is not including all the ones i see online and go and make because what is one more projects and the others need to dry or set or something.

  2. I look forward to seeing this done. I had to laugh I have decorating ADD too!


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