Thursday, April 7, 2011

Done with demo? -at least for now!!

I spent most of the day yesterday tearing the carpet off the big stairs!  It was a giant pain in the bum.  Our garbage can is full of scraps now :)  But, I am happy with the results! 

I also found a fantastic (I am super hoping.) new entertainment console on craigslist!  We are going to pick it up tonight.  I have also been selling tons of stuff on craigslist, when you are a stay at home mom and working with a budget, you got to support your habit somehow!!  I am rocking the garage sale this weekend!

Tools needed for carpet removal: Hammer, flat head screwdriver, utility knife, cat's claw (not sure if that is what it's really called-Mr. TSL calls it that.) needle nose plyers.

Here is what the stairs looked like before we moved in:
The nasty carpet in the dining room is gone, did that last week!  The ceiling fan is gone and was replaced with my Pottery Barn Bellora Chandelier Knock-Off

Looking good, Hollywood!!

Soon to look like this, but green:

-Make your life beautiful!!

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