Monday, April 25, 2011

Painted Stairwell and bathroom remodel part 1ish

We got so much done this weekend!!

Mr. TSL and my parents all had Friday off.  Because of this, I took the bull by the horns and dove in to the front bathroom remodel!   Then, let my decorating ADD kick in and worked on some other projects too!!

My mom painted the super scary, very vaulted, I'm not getting on the freakin' ladder, stairwell!  I couldn't figure out how she was going to paint up so high with a lack of scaffolding or the adjustable gorilla ladder.

Didn't have one of these :(  

Here is the stairwell being painted!!
Here are some before pics of the stairwell:

Here is my super-cute-no-fear-having mom painting it:
It actually made me dizzy just looking up there while she did this!

The mess to the left of my dad is his contribution :)

Yes, that is the cinder block we used to hold the ladder at one point-I didn't get any pics of it in use because I may have been having a mini panic attack from the fact that she was so far up with no net or anything (but my dad) to break her fall!

I will post the after pics later this week because I have to touch up the blobs of paint I dripped on the stairs handing her the paint brush/roller/edger. :)

And now for the Bathroom Remodel Part 1ish
Looked like this before:
before we bought the house
You can read about my inspiration here.

I painted stripes in the bathroom before we removed the vanity, the old light and the toilet.  I am a little impatient :) So, I had to do a little paint work and patching-no biggie!

We took apart the old vanity and took out the old toilet with a little help from the girls :)
That's my girl!
Vanity is gone and the new one is a little smaller-have to fix the paint!
This is behind where the toilet was---YUCK!
The walls in this bathroom when we moved in were nasty!!  In an attempt to get by I had half a can of Stratton Blue left over from our old house's bathroom, so I painted it 3 days before Audrey was born while Mr. TSL was at work :)  
We tore up the nasty old linoleum and decided on a tile pattern and rocked it out! 

Hopefully we'll have the big reveal early next week!!  As for now, I have 2 little girls home from school and a baby that are beckoning my attention!

-Make your life beautiful!

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