Friday, April 29, 2011

I've been super busy!

I have been working on a ton of stuff this week!!  I can't wait to reveal it next week :)  So for fun sake and the fact that I have not hardly blogged at all this week.  Let's look at some inspiration :)

The lovely homeowners left us a ton of stuff, most of it junk that had to be hauled to the dump.  But, some of it's super cool!  Mr. TSL was cleaning out his big garage and happened upon 2 old paddles-I have big plans for these!!

He also found an old Emerson Fan!  I brought it in to clean it and cut the cord off- it was going to be more of a decorative element than a working fan.  Before I cut the cord, I plugged it in.  IT WORKS!!!  I tis a really good fan, so now it has more than just a decorative purpose!!  :)

We also scored other cool stuff, more on that next week.  

Remember how I said I was going with green dining chairs?  I have been perusing Pinterest and came upon one of my favorite blogs pictures, you know what blog it is.  Don't you?  That's right it's Layla's blog at The Lettered Cottage!

And guess what?  She has a green dining chair!  LOVE IT :)

-Make your life beautiful!

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  1. Hi I'm a new follower! I love your blog, I used to live on Sunset Drive so I loved the name!
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