Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Girl and A Glue Gun Shout Out and some features!

I am so excited to have been in Crafting with the Stars and Kimbo from AGAAGG was a fantastic partner!

She is so sweet and did this amazing post for me!

She also awarded me these:

Plus, to top it off I was featured over at Homemaker on a Dime and Sisters of the Wild West!

These are fantastic considering the week/month I've had.  This month on top of our usual bills, the dog needs shots, our tags are due, the kids both need new glasses, I need new contacts, the microwave died and so did the dishwasher.....blah!!!!  

I've been reheating everything on the stove, I never realized how often I used the microwave.  And sadly today, I had to hand wash the dishes :(. 

-Make your life beautiful!!

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  1. Congrats Kari, that's so awesome!!! {about the features, not about everything crapping out at your house...that sucks! You know what they say, "when it rains, it pours".}


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