Friday, March 18, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

I love Matt Damon and Ben Affleck!  Robin Williams makes me laugh so hard I could pee! But, I am talking about the good ole GW (we pronounce is jee-dub).

We live about 25 miles from Wichita and sadly it isn't as easy for me to make it to GW as often as I'd like.  Which is a good and a bad thing.
Good-I don't end up buying a treasure I didn't even know I needed until I saw it at the GW.
Bad-I don't end up buying a treasure because I didn't even know it was there!!!

It's easy to get caught up with all the things people make in blog-land (It's like Candy Land, but without the fancy outfits.)   I think I can make cake plates out of stuff I could pick up, or a starburst mirror for every room in the house.  I can make Apothecary jars out of mason jars and candlesticks.  Or redo as much fantastic old furniture as I can possibly find.

But the truth is, am I really saving money and cutting back if I buy something I don't REALLY need?!?

Most of the time I walk around with it in my cart and if I still love it 15 minutes after my "I got it first nan na nan na boo boo!" high wears off, then I can justify owning it.  I went to the GW yesterday (and a few weeks back) and I am going to share my scores with you!
I found like 20 other things that people would love in blog-world, but I would have been mad at myself for buying after I got them home and they would have been re-donated back to the GW at a later time.

I found 2 trunks/suitcases. They were super cute!  I love old suitcases and trunks.  They were $10 for the big and $12 for the small....sometimes their pricing is crazy.  I like to think that some days the pricing fairies are back their drinking and they just say mark whatever on it!!  I put them in my cart!  I got them first nan na nan na boo boo!!

Then I found a red feather wreath!  This went in the cart!  I had seen one on a door in blog-land and thought it was soooo cute!  $5

I found an hour glass-technically a half-hour glass (it goes for 30 minutes)  I had wanted one of these FOR-EV-ER!  $10

I found a pair of black corduroy Marissa Fit Victoria's Secret pants....$4 Super Cute, no they don't look like that on me because momma has a little junk in the trunk.  But in the cart they went.
I also found a pair of North Face Kaysey Shoes for $5 (Retail for $85-I don't think they have ever been worn, they are perfect!)

After my crazy lady "I got it first nan na nan na boo boo!" high had worn off I evaluated what I actually NEEDED....

The suitcases really have no where in my house to live, see I am trying to de-clutter my house and life and I don't need 2 more suitcase/trunk things taking up more room.  (sidebar-had they been large trunks I would have bought them for that price! But alas, they were little guys-like very large purses.)

Back to the shelf they went :(  Someone else will love you, I assured them!

Red Feather Wreath-who am I kidding?  What the hell am I going to do with this?  I only put a wreath out for Christmas.  I don't have anywhere to store them for having seasonal one's and the most decorating for seasonal purposes I get done is on the dining room table.  Hopefully, we can put in a fireplace one day and I can decorate that too!!

I bartered with myself....suitcases or hourglass...I am not leaving ALL cool things behind.  The hourglass at least has a purpose at my house.  I tell the kids it's time to clean and we flip the hourglass.  We put on some music and clean like mad until the last grain of sand falls.  Then we take a break and the girls switch who gets to flip it!  This usually works a few times, then Hayley finds somewhere to hide while the rest of us clean.

Although, I have a little junk in the trunk, it doesn't need to be accentuated with huge wide-leg pants.  These pants were too good of a deal and I have already made them into capris and taken enough material the girls made tube-tops out of the scraps the excess off and made some pretty cute pants!

The shoes are so cute and super comfortable!  I bought them because during the summer I hate wearing shoes-unless they are flip-flops!  Which Mr. TSL tells me are killing my feet and back and are terribly impractical.  (He's right, I accidentally power washed my foot and split it open.... tennis shoes would have prevented this.)  However, slip-ons are a happy compromise and these are cute.  I will still be wearing the flip-flops almost all the time, but if we got for a walk or to the zoo, I can rock these!

I love Pottery Barn and a few summers back I saw these:
I LOVE them!!!!  I have been thinking about these since I saw the pic in the catalog!!  I want them sooooo bad!  A few months back, I had a coupon from PB and was going to break down and buy them.  6 glasses for $24, that's $4 each! (Yes, I taught math ;))  I ordered them....I know, I know, don't lecture me. Cringe-2 sets.  I needed enough for everyone for Thanksgiving.

They were on back order until late December....  I quickly called back after I had come to my senses. Why would I pay that much for glasses???? and canceled the order.  So sad, though.

Skip to now, still thinking about them and low and behold I found 3 at the GW for $.50 each...yep!  No, I don't have all of them, but I have some!  And when I got home I washed them and loved them!

(Have I mentioned that the previous owners of our house left behind some really cool things for this junk-lovin girl!)  I have 4 boxes of mason jars various sizes and such and all kinds of canning stuff.  I threw my parents an anniversary party and used them all for centerpieces.  I found another matching jar with a handle for FREE!!!

Now, I have 4 of these beauties for $1.50! 
Then I decided to google mason jars with handles:  You can buy these for way cheaper in complete sets!
12 for $16.50 here.
$2 for individuals  here.

Come on PB, who are we kidding on the prices!!

One more GW tip, they offer a 10% off coupon for $ it!  I used mine and saved an additional 10% on all my stuff and it paid for itself-like 5 trips ago!

I leave with you with a cute pic of my little helper and partner in crime!

Make your life beautiful!

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