Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A sneak peak at a coffee table!

I found a pair of end tables on the roadside by someone's trash...yes, I stopped and got them!  I get this honestly, if you ever met my grandpa you'd know he stops for everything.  He has more coolers thatn I can count and some even still had beer in them.  He has found countless ladders and lots of odds and ends!  Mr. TSL and I even found an entire outside lawn furniture set still strapped together!  In our family, this is called "Road Kill."

Here they are, making their debut:

For a few days, I tried to determine what would be done with them.  At first, they were going to be bedside tables for our bedroom.  I was going to paint them and glaze them.  Then I was thinking, I really need some tables in the living room, but because of the awkward layout of the living room I didn't have room at the end of couches.  I had been looking for an ottoman and decided to but them together and make them a coffee table. Like this from Pottery Barn:
I realize this is one table, but it looks sort of looks like mine when they are set side by side. 

I also love this table from Funky Junk Interiors

I decided I wanted to take inspiration from Funky Junk Interiors and make a table with an old sign look.  I thought for two days about what sign to use.  I looked up mechanic signs (Mr. TSL is a mechanic and loves cars/trucks)  Then it came to me...how about an old coffee sign?  Ironic for a coffee table right? 

I loved these signs:

I am a HUGE Friends fan!!  So, what about the Central Perk Sign:

I have been working on this set of tables for around 2 weeks (bad weather is killing me!)  and they are almost finished!  I will post them tomorrow....I love them and they aren't even done yet!

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