Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Beachy!! My tablescape and a few ideas for the entertainment center

I am so glad spring is close!  This week has been a trade off, one nice day, one cold day, one nice day,.....well, you get it!  So, every other day I'm outside doing projects :)  And I do have an endless supply of projects, just ask Mr. TSL!  One of the projects I plan to undertake is my entertainment center makeover.  My dad made my entertainment center for me when I graduated from high school....which was like (cough, cough) 11 years ago.  It is very sturdy and I go through waves of, I love it and waves of it's too freakin' big.  Right now, I am back on the love it side.  I have never really liked the color.  It's too orangy, because the stain.  It also doesn't feel as dramatic in the height, because it's so wide.  I am also having a hard time with the vignette on the top. I have a lot of things I like on top, but it feels too crowded.  I have seen some pics of this being pulled off beautifully, but I don't think I'm kicking that look.

Right now it looks like this:
I m not a fan of the stuff on the top.  At first, I just had stuff on the right side.  It looked similar to this one from Pottery Barn (I LOVE POTTERY BARN):

Here is a close-up of some of my stuff up there:

I was going for this look from Pottery Barn:
Or Layla from The Lettered Cottage

Did not succeed! I think my ceilings are too low in the living room to pull off a vignette like that one.  I also like this:

I could easily do that, but I don't know where I am going to put all that stuff....I'll find somewhere ;)

I am planning on building a shelf with more cubbies along the top like the one above and adding it to the existing entertainment center.  I could also just add a piece with crown moulding to make it look like this one:
I am also going to refinish this and the master bathroom vanity with the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation that I plan on doing the kitchen cabinets with.  You can read about that here.

Now on to something a little more beachy and polished looking.  Like I mentioned in a previous post I love the beach!  So, I made a little centerpiece inspired by spring and the beach.  It's on a mirror that I took off the bathroom door for the girls bathroom.  I like it because it's sparkly and reflects light from the chandelier!

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  1. I love all those beach colored jars. I also love the beach even though I'm stuck in Illinois and have many "beachy" things in my home.

    Good luck with the entertainment center. It seems as if the thing to do these days is paint it!

  2. What a gorgeous centerpiece! Love the idea, and you executed it so beautifully!

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  4. Love the blues and the greens...sparkly and wonderful! Great idea to use the mirror as a base. I wonder if you'd like the top of your lovely entertainment center better if you used fewer and larger appointments...odd numbers, maybe 3. Everything that you have up there is great stuff, but I wonder if it's the right size in proportion to your furniture piece. Just a thought...I'm not there to know for sure. Thank you for sharing your centerpiece and your design dilemma. Cherry Kay

  5. Very beachy! I love all the blues!


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