Friday, March 11, 2011

You know, they say geniuses pick green--but, you didn't pick it.- Part 4 Add some color to your life

I love green!  I think it's the feeling of new spring growth and all things natural.  I like almost all shades of green and Mr. TSL loves green too!  (Finally a design element we agree on.)  Currently our kitchen and dining room are a shade of celery green called Olive 3---it is one of those colors that looks better on the swatch than it did on my wall :(  So, when we get around to rearranging the cabinets and patching some spots, I will be repainting them Cobblestone by Ralph Lauren.  I will keep the accents of green, it's wasier for me to decorate that way then to keep repainting the walls.  (I have painted both bathrooms twice since we moved in 6 months ago!) 

Every time I asked Mr. TSL what color to paint the walls, it was always the same---green.  (I knew what color they were getting painted, I just extended the courtesy of asking because he lives here too.)  However, I was going to paint the master bath chocolate brown (I have always wanted to try something this bold.), but Mr. TSL put the kibosh on that!  I asked him what color he wanted-green.  Green, it was I did pick everything else.  He picked a color called La Fonda Jalapeno (BIG MISTAKE).  Not only is the name dreadful, but the color is terrible.  I was willing to try to live with it because I am a giant control freak when it comes to decorating our house I felt like he chose it and I should respect that.

La Fonda Jalapeno is Kermit the Frog Green.  While, Kermit is rockin' with his GF Miss Piggy, he is not a pleasant bathroom color.  It hurt my eyes was almost hard to shower in there!)
I tried to grab some decorations from around the house and in the final reveal to Mr. TSL he said "This is terrible."   Thank God, he said it.  I then drove to Lowe's and had the paint girl fix the green to look more like the color of the background of my header.  It is much better looking now!! 

I digress and here are some fantastic kitchens!
Fantastic Green Kitchen

Love the windows!
Green Bathrooms:
This is what color our bathroom started out as, I like how they used it though!
Love Love Love
Dining Rooms:
Lovely Dining Room
Love the black accents!
Living rooms:

This is the same color our green bathroom use to be, but I love it here.
They say geniuses pick green----SO PICK IT!!!  :)

Make your life beautiful!

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