Monday, March 14, 2011

Wake me up, before you Indi-go go!! -Part 6 of Add Some color to your life

I know that the color is suppose to be indigo (ROY G BIV), but I went more with a turquoise blue for this post!  I am trying to decide on color schemes for the girls' bedroom.  I like Turquoise and Red and also Turquoise and Hot Pink. :)  So, here are some fabulous turquoise rooms!

So bold!
Hello sink, we meet again! (p.s. I love you!)
  Dining Rooms:
Very Nice!
Love the chandelier!
Living Rooms:
Oh, how I long for a fireplace....
I am loving the black frames!
A-M-AZING Mirror!
I may have a love affair with large old sinks! I love the cute rubber ducks! 

Very nice!
I am thinking something like this for Hayley's room! 
So cute!

Make your life beautiful!


  1. what the bathroom color, the one with amazing mirror?

  2. Yes please...whst is the color with the amaxing mirror..which paint company?

  3. I am getting ready to redo my bathroom and I would love to know the name of the teal color and which paint company.

  4. I believe it's Sherman Williams Surfer.


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