Friday, September 16, 2011


Sometimes my ideas are freaking brilliant and some fall off onto my daughter's head when she's sleeping.
A while back, Morgan and Hayley moved into the same room so Audrey could move out of our room.
This was a good idea all around.  Audrey is sleeping better, mommy is sleeping better, and Morgan and Hayley (who still fight as much) can no longer say, "fine get out of my room!" to one another.

I have a ton of decorating ideas for their room.  One of which was a headboard like this:

via House Tweaking

I had some pallet wood laying around and I had already made the seahorse art for the bathroom. Which totally stayed on the wall...btw.

So, Morgan, Hayley and I made their headboards. So stinkin' cute.  Didn't get an pics before one night I hear a loud crash and Morgan whimper.  I ran up stairs and her headboard had fallen on her.  So not only am I feeling TERRIBLE, Mr. TSL is razzing me for it.  Good job mom.  you know you have to attach them to a stud. etc. etc. etc.  Needless to say they are without headboards again.

Also another fail:
When I made the purple hallway chandelier, I also painted all the mirrors at the top of the stairs purple.

 The bottom one is pretty heavy and was crooked...I fixed it. it fell.  hard.  It didn't break, but most of the shells fell off and it broke the trim below it because it's fat mirror butt fell on it.  I was mad.  So, I painted a different mirror and hung it up.


Although, I hate to admit it.  I didn't particularly care for that mirror, but I already had.  Use what you've got right?  I have other plans for it now.

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