Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

Well, technically it was the DAV and some other thrift stores. But, whatevskees.  I went shopping with my mom on Labor Day because she didn't have to work and we wanted to go play...apparently everything is closed on Labor Day..duh.  We did find a cute little store (that I will soon return too, without my children and a time constraint, to dig through their stuff some more!).  I was walking up and saw the 15% off chairs sign and was like chicka what?!?   I love chairs...apparently I may be hoarding them.  I have 14 in my garage. No lie.

Back to the store, I walked up and saw these beauties:

Yes, I bought them.  This pick is from my living room. :)  Ugh I hate the carpet...back to the chairs.
I recently read this post over at Vintage Revivals.  The amazing and talented Mandi (owner of VR) took this fugly chair:

 and turned it into this:

Guess who has two thumbs and a similar chair?  This girl!  Remember above..I showed you my chair? :)

The other chair on the left in the pic was  $12.97 plus it was 15% $11.02!  And it's in perfect condition.  It has gone to live in the master bedroom.  Pics later.

The VR copycat chair, er, I mean broken cane chair... $2.97 plus 15% discount= $2.52 woot woot!!

Also scored a super cute tan and brown hounds tooth purse for $6! Love it!

-Make your life beautiful!!

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