Thursday, September 22, 2011

Working hard over here!!

Sooooo tomorrow, I get to tell you what the first weeks theme is and who I am working with on Crafting with the Stars!  Here's a hint: she's amazing and has mad skills when it comes to her crafting tool of choice :)
Am I over eager if I have already planned out like 10 projects I want to do for a 4 project I still have to find out if I move on?!?  I don't think I slept long last night because I was like ooo, I could make____, or I could do _____.  That's right...I'm a total D-bag!!

Pinterest Porn the Halloween edition for your enjoyment:

mummy juice boxes


I love this!!

totally doing this!!

This too!  It's a trash bag cut in strips then pulled thin!

making this!

This is too die for cute!!  Chef and a lobster are you kidding me?!?!

with toilet paper rolls

if we still lived in college town and didn't have a baby, I'd be all over this!

bugs glued on nylons!

paper doll! how creative :)
Thinking Morgan wants to be a strawberry, Hayley is switching between a candy corn and a vampire...I know total opposites.  Audrey will either be the ghost with the tutu or a candy corn during the day, but Mr. TSL and Audrey are going to be Kuato from total recall.  He's been trying to teach her to say Quaid.  The only thing Morgan and Hayley agree on is that they do NOT want her to be Kuato...we're totally doing it though!

-Make your life beautiful!

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