Friday, September 9, 2011

lovin' me some red!!

Mr. TSL loves green.  I do too, but I may be swayed to love red.  Look at these amazing photos.

I have the same door in my dining room, I was going to paint it black until I saw this over at The Lettered Cottage.

These are too die for!!!  I am obsessed!
At our last house I had a red accent wall.  I loved it for a while, but it became a little overwhelming.  These is done, but just a little bit!

Thinking the girls' bathroom needs red towels and maybe a red mirror frame?

From 3 men and a lady (now 4 mean and a lady)  Maybe add some red grosgrain ribbon to  shower curtain?

I was going to paint the hall chandelier red...Mr. TSL picked purple.  Wonder if he'll take it down to repaint? :)
 I did a post about red a while back, but I think I am in love again!!
images via pinterest
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