Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I made it on to crafting with the stars!!!

This morning I get up and check my email.....and guess what?!?!  I made it on to crafting with the stars @ Sew Dang Cute!!!!
Holy freakin' crap Batman!!

This is where it gets a little embarrassing....  I was so excited I jumped up in the air like a Toyota commercial and broke the boob light cover on our wicked cool fan. Damn.  It hurt my hand.  Now, I am off to Lowe's to get a new boob cover...unless I can think of a DIY before then :)

Then, I was like I totally should have high-fived someone, but Audrey was sleeping still and everyone else was gone!!!!

Am I excited?  Jyes!!

Broken light:

Make your life beautiful!!!

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