Friday, September 2, 2011

The cry it out method

Last night, Mr. TSL said let's let her just cry tonight.  I don't have a problem with that (who are we kidding I can hardly take it. )  He had to run to town and drop off a truck he sold and wasn't going to be back before Audrey's bed time, so I had to put her down.  I was not doing the cry out method on a school night because I was worried I would interrupt the girls' sleep.  I would just nurse her and rock her until she was asleep.  

We went upstairs and everything was going normal...nurse, nurse, turn over, nurse nurse, stand up, say dada in a loud whisper, nurse, switch sides, smack mommy to make sure she's still awake, pinch mommy's arm, nurse nurse... this was all in about 10 minutes.  Sleepy-not happening.  Then the phone rings. Not answering it.  I am so anal that I am dying to go down stairs, but I know it's not important.  It only rang 3 times!  Thank God.  Starting to doze, not Audrey.  Then the dog barked, not a random bark.  Like a someones-outside-and-dad's-not-here-and-we-live-in-the-country-oh-no-we're-going-to-be-attacked bark.

This makes me nervous, I immediately inventory what I am going to do in the event of an intruder.  At least, all 4 of us (Morgan, Hayley, Audrey and I) are all upstairs.  If the bastard decides to come upstairs, I am going to run into him like a 300lb football player and launch his intruder ass down the stairs.  Mind you I still have my boob out nursing Audrey, but I can put it away with the quickness.  Then, I try to locate in my head any weapon like objects I can find in Audrey's room.  Nothing. Who puts that crap in a nursery?  Still looking like my best bet is shoving him down the stairs.  Then it flashes into my head, "What if it's Mr. TSL and I launch him down the stairs"....pretty sure he'd be mad at me.

Then the dog barks again.

Shit, I really need to see what she's barking at...remember from this post Morgan heman-ripped the door knob off, so the front door is cracked open.   See we have a border collie and she is the most amazing dog.  She has mad skills in the tricks dept. and she is super super smart.  But if you say good dog to her, she'll go get her ball for you to throw..not a guard dog.

I put Audrey down awake and she immediately starts screaming.  I run downstairs in time to figure out the dog just wanted to go potty.  Then the phone rings again.  Talk, talk, talk.  Audrey is still screaming.  You know what I AM going to let her cry.  Only took like 30 minutes.  Then she was asleep.  I let her cry the first time she woke up too.  Then the 2nd time I nursed her because I had brick boobies.  I told her I loved her, laid her down and she went straight to sleep.  No crazy ninja engineering of fake arms to lay on her back tonight! Awesome.

She slept til was glorious!  So, we did it.  Then today I laid her down for a nap and it took like 15 minutes!!  Hallelujah!

Hopefully, I will be able to get back to posting about my projects.  Until then, here is some Pinterest porn for you!!

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  1. Thanks for the laugh tonight! Good luck with the crying it out. I had one good sleeper and one bad sleeper... have a great weekend


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